Palm Sunday: Sung St. Mark Passion
  • I'm putting feelers out for a chanted English setting of the Mark passion; anybody have any leads? I work for an Ordinariate parish, so ideally I'm looking for RSV 2nd Catholic edition. However, if someone has GABC for a setting in nabbish, I could use that and tweak it to line up with the RSV text. Thanks guys.
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    Bud Clark made a version of Lasso's setting, with optional plainsong turbae. I haven't compared the Evangelist's text, but in polyphony I make big allowances anyway.
  • GambaGamba
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    Bruce Ford has done a very fine job on all four Passions with the NRSV (not CE) text.
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    CMAA's Dr. Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka has set the NAB version here.
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  • That's helpful. Maybe I should contact her to ask for the GABC and use that as a jumping off point. It's looking like I'm probably going to have to set this myself. Jackson, if you see this, what do y'all use at Walsingham?
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  • Trenton -

    At Walsingham we do the Passion in polyphony on Good Friday and, I'm very embarrassed to say, spoken on Palm Sunday.
    I don't remember whose polyphony - Victoria or ilk.
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