Implementing Propers
  • I would like to implement Entrance and Communion Propers. It will need to be relatively simple, as it will be mostly cantor/ organist. I would like it to be accessible for the congregation to sing the refrains. Any suggestions on a source?
  • a_f_hawkins
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    Assuming in English, Fr Samuel Weber's Propers of the Mass four settings for each week, one of them super simple.
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    You could try the hymn tune propers at

    Another method would be to have the choir sing the antiphon and have the congregation sing the psalm verse(s) in a metrical setting to a hymn tune.
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    If you are starting from square one, with novices (both in the choir and in the pews) then I can't recommend The Lalemant Propers high enough! Simple, dignified, musical. I was able, when subbing at a parish that hadn't sung a proper in over 30 years, to get an entire congregation prepped for Assumption using this set!

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
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    There is a crucial difference, for the congregation, between Entrance and Communion processions, which is that at the entrance they will be in pews, while at communion they will be the procession and unable to look at a book or even a text.
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    A couple of nice possibilities:
    --Simple English Propers
    --Andrew Motyka's Communion Antiphons
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    Can you print the music in a worship aid?
    If so then you have lots of options.
    In addition to those named above, Source and Summit subscription service will have everything you need.
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    Source & Summit is very expensive, and it's an annual subscription. Not a model I'm a fan of, and you have to be committed to relying almost exclusively on the S&S musical and missalette ecosystem for the expense outlay to approach being worthwhile.

    I suggest you start inexpensively and test the waters by setting the antiphons yourself to between 1 and 3 easy psalm tones of your choosing: either Gregorian, Meinrad or Mundelein. That way the organ accompaniments wouldn't vary much, the verse tones would be easy, and the assembly would become familiar with the few tonal patterns that you will be using.

    That can all be done by yourself for free.
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    By Flowing Waters (Basically the Gradual Simplex in English and amended..), Lalemant Propers, Even just taking the Antiphons and setting them to meinrad psalm tones to introduce the idea of chanting to familiar tones that people the world over seem to know... Any of the above, as well as what others have suggested here...

    It's almost an endless sea of possibilities, but kudos to you for starting the journey and God bless your work ! Happy to talk about my experience introducing the Antiphons in 2 of my last 3 parishes, should you wish to chat!
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  • FWIW, I think Source and Summit is priced reasonably.

    Pre-COVID, we subscribed to WLP's bilingual missalette and had Worship IV in the pews. Missalettes, including shipping, ran us about $5k a year, NOT including licensing to reprint for worship aids occasionally. We decided to ditch the hymnals and missalettes in favor of worship aids printed weekly. Source and Summit + OneLicense + USCCB permission to reprint readings in Spanish + paper = $3k!
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  • For hymnals your two best options are St. Michael Hymnal or A Catholic Book of Hymns and Chants.