215 Original Hymns, MS just completed
  • Dear Forum,
    Over the past year I wrote 215 new SATB a cappella hymns (all hymn melodies and choral arrangements by myself), with texts by Isaac Watts, and several others. I wrote the texts for well over 100 of my hymns.
    I want this huge score 60GB+ to get into the right hands, to spread this rather unique collection for worship and praise of the Lord, who inspired the project from beginning to completion earlier this month (Dec. '23).
    This music is suited best to a church music program with an eye and an ear to something new, for example, for a musical meditation or prayer. This is not for general congregation singing, as the hymns can be sometimes too difficult especially if an ability to read music is absent.
    Looking for help and direction. Any will be appreciated.
    Richard St. Clair
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  • chonakchonak
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    If you would like to show a few of your pieces here on the forum, it's fine to make a post in the "New Compositions" category. (I've moved this post into that category.)

    You could make a PDF score file for the work you want to display, and perhaps an MP3 audio demo file, and upload them to a free storage site such as Dropbox. Then it will be easy to make a post here with links to the files.
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  • Good idea, thanks.