St. John Cantius: absolutely beautiful church and liturgy! Redefined how I approach Mass.
  • Wow. Beauty really is in the tradition. Preaching to the choir here, but what beauty to hear the Mass sung! I believe it was at St. John Cantius Catholic Church. Could be wrong. I do know the Novus Ordo I watched was definitely at St. John Cantius and it was the most gracious Novus Ordo I've witnessed. It was interesting to compare the Novus Ordo at a church like St. John Cantius vs. The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Now I will say the Shrine has an immaculate choir (suitable for venerating Our Lady), but I liked everything else concerning the execution of the liturgy by St. John Cantius. Anyways, a strange life-changing moment in that there was very little emotion but a whole lot of reverence. That's something I miss when I watch The Shrine's Mass.
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  • Cantius is without doubt one of the top few liturgical gems in this country.
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    And it clocked in at 61 minutes. Even with double incensation and all the deliberate ceremonial in that vast sanctuary.
    Incredible service.
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