ISO: Catechetical Articles on Incense
  • Hi Esteemed Colleagues:

    We recently began using incense at every 10:30 AM Sunday Mass. My pastor and communications director want to run some catechesis in the parish communications on the reasons for use and the beauty of incense.

    Does anyone have particular articles about incense that you recommend?

    Do you have your own materials on this subject that we could use as a basis to start our work on edifying the congregation in this regard?

  • New Liturgical Movement, "Incense as the Sacramental of Devotion":
    It is the outward sign of our inward devotion, and while it does not effect what it signifies, it affects what it permeates.

    Perhaps Scripture highlighting the use (or deprivation) of incense also may be useful. In addition to Psalm 140(141) which begins the above article, and is itself the text of a Gradual chant:

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