Corde Natus ex Parentis
  • I really need a Gregorian score for Corde Natus ex Parentis ...
    the PDF downloadable from Gregobase is way too tiny & I don't have a score editor.
  • case closed - Parish Book of Chant, on this site, p 145

    Thank you CMAA!
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  • FWIW- you don’t need to have a score editor. Just click one of the links on the right hand side to ping straight into the source and summit editor, for instance, which is all free and browser-based. You can choose size, margins, etc. and export in under a minute.
  • Thank goodness for the PBC! This is off-topic but closely related: perhaps this harmonization I wrote a couple of years ago might be useful for someone. I usually just improvise when I accompany, but I wrote this one down for some reason.