Macaronic hymn or simple motet: "Ubi erit domus tua"
  • Grace and peace, everyone. Here's a hymn or simple motet in Latin and English, perhaps for Christmas, Epiphany, Adoration, or the feast of the Sacred Heart.

    1. Ubi erit domus tua,
    Jesu Christe, born in cold?
    Shall you make your dwelling solely
    In a monstrance made of gold?
    No, you wish a heart for brace;
    Thieves of gold who turn to grace
    Time well
    Serving, tell
    How you shine from ev'ry cell.

    2. Ubi erit domus tua,
    Jesu Christe, Child and King?
    Could you be contented wholly
    With the splendor wise men bring?
    No; for you a beating heart,
    Great Physician, stands as art;
    May we
    Vessels be
    Of Your life-blood, boundless sea.

    3. Ubi erit domus tua,
    Jesu Christe, Man and God?
    Take these hearts and make them holy,
    Fit to live, to love, to laud;
    Alpha and Omega nigh,
    All your might we glorify;
    Come, come,
    Be at home,
    Goodness, Truth, and Beauty known.

    (c) 2023 Anna Bendiksen
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  • Can you please translate the first line? I think I know what it means but I’m not positive. That niggle aside, I love hymn texts that mix Latin and English. I wish it were more common.
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  • "Where shall Your home be?"
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