Ideas for New Pipe Organ Dedication/Blessing
  • Greetings talented people!

    I am seeking some good ideas for a happy project.
    Next year our parish will rejoice to have a new pipe organ installed. (17 ranks Patrick Murphy & Associates as builder).

    For some context - we have a historical church, and were under the impression our organ was too, but learned that our broken down old organ was mostly a creation from the early 60s and very little aside from one portion of the front part of the casework remained. There was one rank of pipes from 1799 and two others from 1864, which we are happy to retain for the new instrument.

    The bishop is committed to come and bless the organ, and we are forming ideas for a dedication concert that includes our choir, our school's choir, and some guest musical talent. Additionally we have a great professor of organ who advised and educated our committee who can play for the event. Our Church is traditional in design and has great acoustics.

    Any good ideas or experiences would be appreciated.

    Two logistical things I am pondering -- how feasible it is to have choir in sanctuary while organ/organist plays in loft (in
    rear of Church) ?
    - The tackiness level of having a screen/projector at floor lever so people can see the
    organist at console)

    Thank you all and happy Thanksgiving! For all who are parish musicians-- thanks for all you do, all you endure!
  • For actual organ recitals (or the peculiar special event of a dedication) the rules can be bent to have a projector so people can see what’s going on. It’s the using of them day in and day out that is truly tacky. I’m this case, it’s outside the context of mass, so to me it’s a non issue.

    As for choir in the sanctuary, that’s iffy. Depends on your acoustic and the distance between. Odds are the organist won’t be thrilled with the arrangement, or s/he will just have to plow on ahead and the choir will have to react where they are and the result will be the result. Some practice might make it workable, but I wouldn’t stake my life on it, especially if it’s a larger church. A more intimate “chapel” might work.
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