Of One Who is so Fair and Bright (2022) - chant
  • This ancient English macaronic text must have had its own melody - but since it's lost to time, I thought I'd write something new for it. Not particularly "historically informed" composition - just historically inspired.

    Feel free to use however you like. I might try to make a motet out of this.

    Also - I'm trying to determine the best way to define "dit" from the 5th verse, "that haves y-dit the foule pit Inferni". Any ideas?

    Thank you to Richard R. for some typesetting suggestions and corrections.
  • Here is the GABC for anyone who might like to typeset this in another way. (if you do, and you think it looks better...send it over!) Also please let me know if you spot any typos.

    If you happen to sing this and record it...please let me know! It might work well for an extra Christmastide chant or any feast of Our Lady.

    (c3)Of(e) one(e) that(e) is(d) so(e) fair(fe) and(d) bright,(b.) (,)
    Ve(d)lut(f) ma(hg)ris(f) stel(cd)la, (e.) (;)
    Bright(e)er(e) than(d) the(e) day(fe)es(d) light,(b.) (,)
    Pa(d)rens(f) et(hg) pu(f)el(cd)la,(e.) (:)
    I(e) cry(i) to(j) thee;(h) thou(i) see(kj) to(i) me!(h.) (,)
    Le(g)ve(h)dy,(i) pray(h) thy(g) Son(fe) for(f) me,(d.) (,)
    Tam(b) pi(de)a,(f.) (;)
    That(b) I(efe) might(de) come(fe) to(d) thee,(b.) (,)
    Ma(c)ri(dfhvGFEcd)a.(e.) (::)

    2. Le(e)ve(e)dy(e), flowr(d) of(e) al(fe)le(d) thing,(b.) (,)
    Ro(d)sa(f) si(hg)ne(f) spi(cd)na,(e.) (;)
    Thou(e) bere(e) Jhe(d)su,(e) He(f)ve(e)ne(d)-King,(b.) (,)
    Gra(d)ti(f)a(hg) di(f)vi(cd)na.(e.) (:)
    Of(e) al(ij)le(h) thou(i) bearst(kj) the(i) prize,(h.) (,)
    Le(g)ve(h)dy,(i) queen(h) of(g) Pa(fe)ra(f)dise(d.) (,)
    E(b)lec(de)ta.(f.) (;)
    Maide(efe) milde (de) mo(fe)der(d) es (b.) (,)

    3. Of(e) care(e_), coun(d)sel(e) thou(fe) art(d) best,(b.) (,)
    Fe(d)lix(f) fe(hg)cun(f)da(cd)ta;(e.) (;)
    Of(e) al(e)le(e) wear(d)y(e) thou(fe) art(d) rest, (b.) (,)
    Ma(d)ter(f) ho(hg)no(f)ra(cd)ta.(e.) (:)
    Be(e)seech(ij) Him(h) with(i) mild(kj)e(i) mood,(h.) (,)
    That(g) for(h) us(i) al(h)le(g) shed(fe) His(f) blood(d.) (,)
    In (b) cru(de)ce (f.) (;)
    That(b) we(efe) might(de) come(fe) to(d) Him (b.) (,)
    In(c) lu(dfhvGFEcd)ce.(e.) (::)

    4. All(e) this(e) world(de) was(fe) for(d)lorn (b.) (,)
    E(d)va(f) pec(hg)ca(f)tri(cd)ce,(e.) (;)
    Til(e) our(e) Lord(de) was(fe) y-(d)born(b.) (,)
    De(d) te(f) ge(hg)ne(f)tri(cd)ce.(e.) (:)
    With(e) av(ij)e(h) it(i) went(kj) a(i)way,(h.) (,)
    Dark(gh)est(i) night,(h) and(g) comth(fe) the(f) day(d.) (,)
    Sa(b)lu(de)tis; (f.) (;)
    The(b) well(efe) spring(d)eth(e) out(fe) of(d) thee(b.) (,)
    Vir(c)tu(dfhvGFEcd)tis.(e.) (::)

    5. Well (e)He(e) wot(d) He(e) is(fe) thy(d) Sone(b.)(,)
    Ven(d)tre(f) quem(hg) por(f)tas(cd)ti;(e.) (;)
    He(e) will(e) not(d) werne(e) thee(fe) thy(d) boon,(b.) (,)
    Par(d)vum(f) quem(hg) lac(f)tas(cd)ti.(e. ) (:)
    So (e)kind(ij) and(h) so(i) good (kj)He(i) is,(h.) (,)
    He(g) ha(h)veth(i) brought(hg) us(fe) to(f) blis(d.) (,)
    Su(b)per(de)ni,(f.) (;)
    That(b) haves(ef) y-(e)dit(d) the(e) foul(fe)e(d) pit(b.) (,)
    In(c)fer(dfhvGFEcd)ni.(e.) (::)
    Thanked by 1CHGiffen
  • Interestingly, I stumbled across a slightly different version of this text in an ancient book of English carols. I’ve set it as a carol, where it is sung in a lilting unison and breaks into SATB for each Latin appellation. It’s a fantastic text.
  • m_r_taylor
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    Two verses were sung today.
  • CGM
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    FYI, Benjamin Britten set this text (verses 1, 4, & 2) in his spellbindingly beautiful "A Hymn to the Virgin".