Organist and Director of Music and Liturgy in Rio Rancho, NM
  • Organist and Director of Music and Liturgy
    Church of the Incarnation in Rio Rancho, NM

    This position is responsible for providing appropriate music by playing the organ for Masses and coordinating liturgical events as required; for development and direction of musical ensembles; and for oversight of assigned liturgical ministries.

    Primary Responsibilities
    The responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Meeting with the Pastor on a regular basis to plan and review music and upcoming liturgies.
    2. Coordinating events with related ministries, examples include: Sunday Masses, special weekday Masses, solemnities, special events (e.g. confirmation, First Communion, weddings, funerals).
    3. Developing and organizing musical ensembles. Recruit, train and develop members to build and maintain ensembles.
    4. Scheduling and making preparations and arrangements for music and liturgical ministries for weddings, funerals, solemnities, other occasions, or at the request of the Pastor.
    5. Overseeing liturgical ministries, working through the ministry leaders. Ensures timely and appropriate scheduling and communication. Provides training and development.
    6. Providing information to Pastor and Business Manager for annual parish budget as it pertains to liturgy and music.
    7. Overseeing the maintenance and repair of all musical instruments and building the music library of the parish.
    8. Overseeing the proper functioning of the church sound systems and scheduling ongoing professional support for the maintenance of the systems.

    The candidate must be Catholic, as this role requires a great understanding and love for the Sacred Liturgies which is essential to the mission of the Church.

    The annual salary range is $50,000-$55,000.

    Please send your resume to
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