Sung Lectionary (Ordinariate) -
  • A few months ago Liam McDonough wrote enquiring about
    tones for the readings at mass every Sunday at the Church of the Presentation. 
    Dear Liam, how did this matter turn out?
    Favourably, I hope!
  • Still in the planning stages. I have 4 men committed to the schola, and am awaiting the committment of the 5th, who will be a professional assistant. I have come by experience to think that 5 is the threshold number to have a stable schola which sustains itself, fosters the skills of inexperienced members who join, and achieves a blended choral voice. The plan is to have this group begin regular singing of the full propers each Sunday, and will be the core of a schedule for cantors to sing the readings each Sunday.

    We have introduced the Merbecke Creed at all Sung Masses, and it has been a great joy for me to move ever closer to the fully sung Mass.
  • By 'full propers' do you perchance mean Palmer-Burgess? At any rate your plan is admirable and I wish you success!
    Alas! We don't even sing the lectionary every Sunday at the cathedral!
    Keep us posted as your plan progress. 

    I may come and visit sometime soon.
    Please tell me again where I exit I 45 and get to Egypt Road.
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  • Credo I and Merbecke are both in the back of the 1940

    There is no rational reason to sing the Creed to one note when it can be sung to its centuries old chants and melodies.
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