Antiphon Verses
  • Who knows how the verses for the English Mass Antiphons were decided?
  • From Simple English Propers, I noticed that the gradual of 1974 doesn’t have any verses after their antiphons.
  • The 1974 Graduale Romanum:

    — for Introits, includes a fully notated psalm verse, occasionally two or three (see Holy Thursday, GR1974 pp. 162–3). SEP typically supplies additional verses from the same psalm for all Introits.

    — does not include verses for Offertories. SEP typically gives additional verses from the same psalm, but they do not tend to coincide with those given in the Offertoriale 1935 (I don't believe the Offertoriale was used as a reference).

    — for Communions, citations for verses are included after the antiphon. I believe SEP uses these consistently.
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    From the UK Society of St Gregory Processional
    In addition, in the absence of psalm verses for the antiphons in the Missal, the verses proposed in the unpublished ICEL Antiphonal of 1997 have been added. The Offertory antiphon has been restored to its original responsorial form from ancient manuscripts edited by Karl Ott and published in Desclée in 1935 (re-issued by Solesmes in 1985)