Here is the Little Door (2022) - SATB
  • "Here is the Little Door" - text by Frances Chesterton.

    Video here - (We usually keep Lessons and Carols to Advent-only texts, but made an exception here.) I hope my overly large conducting gestures aren't too distracting to watch.

    A couple lines switched around - the verses in brackets below form the original first couplet of V2.

    If you decide to use this in church and your budget is zero, feel free to print out copies for choirmembers. If you have the means for a small per-copy usage fee, please send me a message.


    Here is the little door,
    lift up the latch, oh lift!
    We need not wander more,
    but enter with our gift;
    Our gift of finest gold.
    Gold that was never bought or sold;
    Myrrh to be strewn about his bed;
    Incense in clouds about His head;
    All for the child that stirs not in His sleep,
    But holy slumber hold with ass and sheep.


    See how His eyes awake,
    Lift up your hands, O lift!
    [Bend low about His bed,
    For each He has a gift;]
    For gold, He gives a keen-edged sword.
    (Defend with it thy little Lord!)
    For incense, smoke of battle red,
    Myrrh for the honoured happy dead;
    Gifts for His children, terrible and sweet;
    Touched by such tiny hands,
    and Oh such tiny feet.
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    This is lovely!
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    nice piece!
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