Director of Music Wanted, Louisville, KY

    The Church of the Holy Spirit, a Roman Catholic parish in Louisville, Kentucky, has an opening for a full-time Director of Music. Holy Spirit, a suburban parish with a thriving school, worships with an organ and choir driven repertoire. The parish strives for excellence in a range of styles with particular emphasis on the Church’s treasury of sacred music.

    The Church of the Holy Spirit has significant musical assets. Its choir loft boasts a three-manual, 34-rank Schantz pipe organ, Opus 1947. (Specific information about the organ can be found on the database of the Organ Historical Society.) The list of other instruments includes a grand piano, a Yamaha keyboard, four octaves of handbells, and several percussion instruments. The parish maintains a large music library, and the music budget affords the opportunity to hire cantors, section leaders, and instrumentalists.

    “Fit” is more important than degree level, and previous experience will certainly play a role in the decision making. The successful candidate will likely possess a master’s degree in music, but those with bachelor or doctoral degrees are encouraged to apply. The parish can offer a competitive salary that will be accompanied by a full benefit package including medical insurance and a matching 401K. Funds for continuing education are available.

    Please submit a curriculum vitae and references to The search committee would also be pleased to receive links to relevant performances available on social media.

    Areas of Responsibility

    1. Plays organ/piano for liturgies, holy days, prayer services and other events
    2. Schedules appropriate rehearsal time for self
    3. Provides musical support for school liturgies working in collaboration with the school music teacher
    4. Provides musical services for funerals
    5. Provides musical services for weddings (added compensation comes from bridal couple)
    6. Provides musical services at morning Masses on key feasts occurring during the week
    7. Conducts weekly choir rehearsals (in season)

    1. Schedules the services of cantors, section leaders, and outside musicians
    2. Requests payments due to cantors, section leaders, and outside musicians
    3. Plans music for holy days, Sundays, and funerals. More important feast days should be planned in consultation
    with the pastor
    4. Works with the parish communications specialist in preparing worship aids for funerals, events, and important feast
    days. This assistance includes use of Finale software
    5. Oversees the music library
    6. Schedules and chairs appropriate liturgy planning sessions
    7. Develops and administers parish music budget

    1. Responsible for condition, maintenance, and upkeep of the organ, pianos, microphones, and other music-related
    equipment, coordinating with the Facilities Director when appropriate
    2. Reports general maintenance needs to the Facilities Director

    1. Represents parish at archdiocesan workshops
    2. Attends music and professional workshops and conferences
    3. Special projects, as required

    [posted 11/2023]
  • CGM
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    The previous musical director was a very gifted organist & pianist, and something of a musical omnivore. The parish did a bit of everything, in terms of musical styles, approaches, time-periods, etc. All very well-done, but a little of the "liturgy as concert" and "look what we can do" ethos.

    They are looking for a serious organist so that they can continue their tradition of excellently-executed choral, choral/organ, and choral/piano music.
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