Spanish Antiphons
  • Does anyone know what software/website I can use to format Spanish mass antiphons in the same way that Simple English Propers is organized?

    I am referring to the literal organization of the pages how I can make it look similar to those.
  • I typically use for spanish antiphons gabc transcription tool Although it technically doesnt have a spanish option, you can still paste in spanish symbols and accents. Typically I select English as the language then past the spanish I want to use. Putting dashes between notes helps the program to recognize where to split vowels. When I have problems, I manually do it by using the "show intergrated GABC" tool. Then, I edit it how I want it on the paper with source and summit editor.

    Here are some examples
    522 x 182 - 11K
    513 x 388 - 28K
    507 x 515 - 42K
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  • Thank you.
    But how can I put the verses as just the text under the antiphon without tones to it
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    Forum member @smvanroode did the typesetting for SEP. From the frontmatter:
    Chant engravings done in Gregorio (
    This book was engraved, typeset and designed by Steven van Roode, Breda, the Netherlands.

    If you're planning to make a complete publication like SEP, that is probably your best route.

    If you're producing things more sporadically, you can achieve passable results pasting the chat scores as vector graphic files into a Word document, then formatting the verse text how you like.
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    After performing this Sunday from a badly mis-hyphenated setting of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz's poems, I've become sensitive about these things: Se-ñor, e-le-gi-do, so-co-rrer &c. But congratulations on Pa-la-bra & Pa-dre!
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  • @RichardMix Yes, its not the best, but until a Spanish friendly transcription arrives, its all I got.
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    @monasteryliturgist, Have you considered linking syllables where two vowels meet, in cases such as "y_al Hijo, y_al Espíritu Santo" or "que_en él"?
  • @chonak, I was told my Spanish Speakers that this practice is good in hymns but not good in gregorian (to be avoided).
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