New hymn or simple motet: PRESENTATION
  • Grace and peace, everybody! I have a new hymn (or simple motet) for the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. It's in six verses with an optional descant.

    I've always wanted to write something for this lovely feast and the great saint for whom I was named.

    1. Forty days from Christmas morning
    And the joy at Bethlehem,
    Jesus Christ, our Sun, is dawning
    Radiant in Jerusalem:
    O behold
    Light foretold
    By the prophets from of old.

    2. Our dear Lady, bearing Jesus,
    And Saint Joseph walk in awe
    For the love of Torah's sweetness
    To the temple of that Law,
    Off'ring there
    Fervent prayer
    And pale turtledoves in pair.

    3. O with what devotion simple
    These two pilgrims heed our God
    As within that mighty temple
    Priests and people sing Him laud:
    Pure and strong
    Is the song
    Raised by this, His faithful throng.

    4. Taking Jesus from His Mother,
    Simeon sees the keenest joy,
    For this Child, our Lord and Brother
    Is His people's royal Boy;
    Christ His Name,
    Truth His claim;
    To this wicked world He came.

    5. Prophesy, O righteous Anna!
    Praise our God, His mercies tell!
    Let thy voice proclaim Hosanna
    From the heart of Israel!
    Help us bring
    To our King
    Such a fitting offering!

    6. Come within Thy Church, Christ Jesus,
    Light our hearts as Thine entire,
    For the love of Heaven's sweetness
    We would burn with holy fire:
    Praise be Thine,
    King divine,
    Son in glory, ever shine!

    [Edited the harmonization a bit and tweaked v. 5.]
  • Um, it does have something of an Anglican air to it!
    I wonder (tee-hee) from whence it came?

    (Tune and text are both quite nice!)
  • Thank you so much! That means a great deal.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Fine text and setting, Anna!!
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  • Aww, thank you!
  • kevinfkevinf
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    Another piece of yours that will get use in my place. A wonderful text and a lovely tune. Nice work...
  • Kevin, I so appreciate that.
  • The feast is almost here! I've tweaked a few things in the piece, notably the descant. Enjoy!
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