Sub tuum praesidium a 4
  • Praise God, the Cincinnati Oratory clothed three novices this evening.

    For the occasion, I composed an SATB setting of the Sub tuum praesidium that was sung at the beginning of the rite. It needed to be readily learned at a warm-up rehearsal and not overburden the rite with its length. I took the Palestrina Alma redemptoris as a model.

    Feel free to use it with due attribution.

    N.B. - The intonation, which is the plainchant beginning on "D" is not written into this score.
  • There are some typos but it's late and I may upload a fresh copy tomorrow....
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  • Very beautiful!

    Out of curiosity, what would you consider "due attribution"?
    For example if one wanted to sing this at Mass. Your name is on the score, but I'm not sure what else one would do.
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    Simply lovely!
  • Due attribution just means my name with it, not anyone else’s. Free to use, not to steal!
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    I sung through it with real people (aka myself multitracked on my work break) and it sounds quite nice! Lovely.
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    looks great ! may use it. thanks for sharing!
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