"Queen of Angels Far and Nigh" (Fairfield Magnificat)
  • Grace and peace, everyone. Here's a new hymn suitable for Visitation, Advent, and feasts of Our Lady. Text, tune, and harmonization are all mine. The piece contains six verses with a refrain, as well as an optional descant on the sixth verse. I'm attaching mp3 files with and without the descant. Feedback welcome.


    1. Queen of angels far and nigh,
    Queen Confessor, testify
    With your splendid hymn of praise
    Which your children gladly raise!

    Refrain: Magnificat anima mea Dominum!
    Magnificat anima mea Dominum!

    2. Great our God, Who fashioned man
    When this verdant world began,
    Then made Eve, lest man be lone,
    Flesh of flesh and bone of bone! (Refrain)

    3. After that first Adam's fall,
    God sent prophets great and small
    Telling how Emmanuel
    Would redeem all Israel! (Refrain)

    4.Then He sent His angel true
    Spotless Virgin for to woo;
    Mark that Maiden's answer meet:
    Gracious "Fiat," clear and sweet! (Refrain)

    5.Love descends and so must share
    Of itself and ev'rywhere;
    Where Our Lady bears her Boy,
    Saints unborn shall leap for joy! (Refrain)

    6. Saints and angels far and nigh,
    Sing ye to our God on high
    This, the new Eve's hymn of praise
    Which the nations gladly raise! (Refrain)

    (c) 2023 Anna Bendiksen