Another Sale of Catholic Organ Music, Gregorian, and Hymnals
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    There is more to look at this time, all closing on the same evening, so take your time. When they start closing, they will be closing rapidly, so prepare yourself. This sale on eBay will begin closing out on Thursday, September 14th, at 6:00 PM U.S. Central Time.

    Here is the current link to all my music offerings on eBay:


    These auction items, like last time, have never been offered before (with one exception from last time). There are a lot of different collections and hymnals, all but the last one are Catholic, most published in the USA, some in other countries. Many have Latin and English or other language hymns and/or Gregorian Chant, some just one or the other. Most of these are antique or vintage dating back to the 1800's to mid-1900's. Some have the organ accompaniment, others have the melody and lyrics only. Some are intended for congregational singing, for choir or chorus, or both. Several have motets or anthologies and are designed for a select group or number of singers which I noticed was rather popular last time around. Although these are rare and out-of-print, I have kept the starting bids as low as possible, based on weight and the cost to ship them.

    You no longer have to wait for me to send a combined invoice since the shipping is no longer an added charge. I would recommend you wait to pay until all your auctions have closed, then make one payment from your eBay Shopping Cart.

    Thank you,
    Harry Bick, Good Books and Music
  • When did ebay become totally useless?
    I'm trying to bid on one of these items, and they demand that I set a payment method so they can auto-charge me if I win.The problem is that the window to set that up won't complete the action, and anything I do with the window kicks me back to the item description. I have 2 cards on file. And ebay makes it as hard as possible to talk to a real human.
  • Thanks for trying, Jeffrey Quick, I'd welcome your business. If you don't get it figured out, trying logging on as a guest or [and I know it's a pain] setting up a new account on eBay. Hope you get it resolved before Thursday when the auctions close. Best, Harry Bick