OCP complaint: Missing binder sheets
  • I am frustrated that when, in the course of human events, sheets of hymns from the blue OCP accompanist binders go missing forever. I am more frustrated that when I call OCP to inquire if I can order individual pages of these missing sheets, they say they cannot do that, and instead that I must REORDER EVERYTHING FOR HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. I am still more frustrated that OCP does not use traditional 8'5"x11" paper for their accompanist pages, so any replacements I make from PDFs I have acquired do not fit nicely into the rest of the remaining hymn sheets.
  • I am frustrated on your behalf, and further still that you’re even using OCP resources. May you be freed from their bondage rather sooner than later!
  • This is the same publishing company that peddles “Respond & Acclaim” every year, with texts and music settings that haven’t changed since 1990, but they suggest that you buy it annually with a new cover, merely for the convenience of having the calendar dates printed. Shameless. The sooner you move away from them, the better. Their accompaniment binders have been ridiculous for a long time, much like WLP, with the silly removable pages.
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    Actually, I like the idea of having a pull-book. I have my own personally crafted master pull-book for the parish repertoire. I pull my music from that so that for Sundays I only have one thin three-ring binder to carry and play from, which contains all the music for that Mass arranged in order.

    And if you're using OCP, I recommend getting the pdf version of their accompaniments, printing only what you actually use, and creating your own personal pull-book instead of trying to wield the five-ring behemoth with the tissue-thin pages that OCP provides.
  • Technically you can't legally print the PDF version. While there are work arounds, it's still technically illegal. Shameful, but illegal.

    I'm always amazed at how many parishes are enslaved to such a lousy resource. How is it that a parish can't seem to find the money to buy a more permanent hymnal or accompaniment book, but they can afford to subscribe to a disposable resource that isn't all that resourceful year after year after year after...
  • Hardly anything published by OCP since 2019 is any good, so who really needs the "current" edition of the accompaniment book?

    I think that they added Puer Natus in Bethlehem, Come Down O Love Divine, and Jesus My Lord My God My All within the past few years. But those are all easily accessible elsewhere...
  • Indeed they are.
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    Get the St. Michael Hymnal.
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    I have long suspected OCP has a few sheets missing.
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    Very good Charles. The problem is all the sheets they still have.
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    Good fire starters.
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  • FYI, OCP sheets measure 8.125'x10.75" which leaves a lot of bent paper area if you try to use standard 8.5"x11" sheets.
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  • Don’t forget to immediately insert the updates OCP sends you periodically—the latest compositions, etc. I advise also buying multiple copies of Respond & Acclaim just so you “have enough,” to paraphrase a former editor for their liturgy quarterly magazine.
  • Technically you can't legally print the PDF version. While there are work arounds, it's still technically illegal. Shameful, but illegal.

    Depends where you live. In Canada, copyright laws allow for 10% of the publication. That’s about as much Catholic music that’s in there, so it works out fine.
  • I just laughed out loud.
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