Wanted: Music for Our Lady of Mount Carmel (esp. Flos Carmeli)
  • Chrism
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    Would anyone who has access to a copy of Flos Carmeli be kind enough to scan and post it? I've looked in the usual online sources. Any other suggestions (English or Latin) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • http://www.catholic-church.org/apcarmel/chimes.htm

    I do these searches every day...now, it would be easy to transcribe the melody from the MIDI file that plays it here is this is the right melody.
  • Kathy
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    Call up the nearest Carmelite monastery and ask them to fax you something. Seriously.
  • http://carmemphis.googlepages.com/MYFLOSCARMELI.htm

    Will let you listen...
  • Beautiful melody...
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    Beautiful. Are you singing this next Thursday or Sunday?
  • The Carmelite monks of Wyoming have a CD that includes them chanting Flos Carmeli. It can be purchased at http://www.chantsofcarmel.com/
  • Chrism
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    Noel, Thank you! May I ask what book you found it in?
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  • It was sort of a flying monkeys search using google....that was a faded scan I found on a page, no reference as to where it came from....
  • Chrism
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    I got the following link by e-mail: Discalced Carmelite Liturgical Texts

    In particular, the 1959 Proprium Missarum et Officiorum has not only the Propers of Carmelite saints (including hymns), but starting at page (209) (electronic page 211), there are a series of hymns in praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary, including Eia Carmeli, Flos Carmeli (vv. 1-6), and Rosa Carmeli. There is also a set of hymns to St. Joseph, St. Teresa and Ste. Therese.

    Some English translations of hymns can be found in the text of the 2006 OCD Liturgy of the Hours.
  • Kathy
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    Chrism's very helpful links have unfortunately all been pulled offline.

    Has anyone seen an accompaniment for this beautiful tune? We're singing it at a funeral this week.

    I spoke to a Carmelite friar who suggested a left-hand echo.
  • Chrism
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    The links have been transferred to a new site.
  • It seems that site is no longer active either. Is there yet another site? It would be really nice to have these chants.
  • IanWIanW
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    Here's a B5 copy of all 8 verses of Flos Carmeli (it's going into our parish chant booklet), in chant notation & with translation.
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  • IanWIanW
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    .. ps, sorry for the Imperial spellings in the translation. Just look up the conversion tables.
  • Thank you very much Ian! This nice clean copy will be our photocopy. Now only to get the other traditional Carmelite hymns, or finally figure out how to use those chant fonts.

    You're making a parish chant booklet. How are you going about that? I've been thinking of making one for our community. Are you getting it bound or putting it into a binder to add to later?

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  • IanWIanW
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    I'm using MS Word, which has a booklet option (you need a duplex printer and a long-armed stapler), and the Meinrad fonts for the neumes. It's a bit time-consuming, but a worthwhile use of the ridiculous amount of time I spend commuting on the train! This estimable organisation's Parish Book of Chant is marvellous (blessings be upon its editor & publisher), but it's a choir book and we need something smaller that the congregation can also use, with a Latin/Greek Ordinary and its translation visible for understanding, Latin & English dialogues and a range of Marian and other chant hymns. The PBC would be a good solution where the target usage is a religious community, if supplemented by a booklet of chants particular to the Order (e.g. Carmelite chants).
  • I know of many a third order/lay carmelite who deeply desires to sing that hymn at their upcoming summer retreat on Our Lady of Mt Carmels festival day!
    (And how beautifully do they sing.)

    Is the english text here good enough to typeset sing?
    Should it be improved or corrected?

    1. FLOWER of Carmel,
    Tall vine blossom laden;
    Splendor of heaven,
    Childbearing yet maiden.
    None equals thee.

    2. Mother so tender,
    Who no man didst know,
    On Carmel's children
    Thy favors bestow.
    Star of the Sea.

    3. Strong stem of Jesse,
    Who bore one bright flower,
    Be ever near us
    And guard us each hour,
    who serve thee here.

    4. Purest of lilies,
    That flowers among thorns,
    Bring help to the true heart
    That in weakness turns
    and trusts in thee.

    5. Strongest of armor,
    We trust in thy might:
    Under thy mantle,
    Hard press'd in the fight,
    we call to thee.

    6. Our way uncertain,
    Surrounded by foes,
    Unfailing counsel
    You give to those
    who turn to thee.

    7. O gentle Mother
    Who in Carmel reigns,
    Share with your servants
    That gladness you gained
    and now enjoy.

    8. Hail, Gate of Heaven,
    With glory now crowned,
    Bring us to safety
    Where thy Son is found,
    true joy to see.