Hymns for Joan of Arc
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    Some liturgical archaeology. The four proper hymns for the feast of Joan of Arc first appeared in the Vatican's Acta in 1910 along with full mass and office propers of the feast.

    The hymns later appeared in the May 1921 issue of the American Ecclesiastical Review in verse translations written by H.T. Henry of the Catholic University of America. Henry also compared the the first drafts of Gustave Vié (the hymns' author) with their final state, as revised by Vatican editors. After that follow several pages of commentary, much of which was lost on me but may be more interesting to the more knowledgeable.

    This is the only place I've found a translation of Aureliani turribus , Joan's matins hymn. No luck finding music but it's so it's not like there aren't a million choices. All the other hymns can be found on gregobase.

    Stat cultrix vigilans and Salve, virilis pectoris appear in the current Liber Hymnarius (in the special section for French Benedictine propers) as, respectively, the hymns for Vigils/vespers and Lauds of the feast, with a change in the latter's incipit to Salve, cordis intrepidi, which I like a bit better.

    I've attached Prof. Henry's article, as well as the relevant pages of the 1910 Acta.