Header Usage - Opinions Wanted
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    I've been contemplating the issue of when to switch headers for sections (specifically in a book of chant). My thought was that the header should change for the first full page of the new section, and a page where the section changes part way through should have the header of the previous section. This seems to contradict every single example I've ever seen in real books. They always change the header on the first page that has any part of a new section. (Examples attached below)

    Although the first seems more practical and aesthetically pleasing to me, I am hesitant to part from tradition if it has always been done the second way. Any knowledge, experience, or opinions from you all would be greatly appreciated.
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    The second way is prevalent and has its justification. When browsing & looking for a section (especially online these days), one typically looks at the headers for the right section. And if one is doing this sequentially (most often the case), it is helpful if the first encounter of the section name in the header lands one at the beginning of the section, not the first full page of the section.