New Spanish-language Psalmody for Sunday Masses
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    My principal organ responsibilities of late have been for the Spanish-language liturgies at my local cathedral. I've not been happy with most of the commercially available offerings for psalmody, so decided to write my own. They're written with organ specifically in mind and in a musical language that is quite different than what would be found in R&A. Nothing crazy—just "normal" psalms (to me!).

    As they're being actively written, it's not a complete 3-year cycle yet—but I'm trying to stay a month or two ahead. Right now, they're complete through August. I have no grand plans in publishing these, or even collecting them together in print at some point, because by the time the cycle is complete, we're apt to have a new Lectionary... and those psalms texts will be rather different. On that topic, these settings all use the Mexican Lectionary, which is what is also found on the USCCB website.

    All of these new psalm settings can be found on the newly announced CRCCM Repertoire Project... Browse by Category, pick a Sunday/Liturgy, and narrow down by year (even though only A is being written right now). The address is

    I've attached a few random examples to save you a visit to the site. For the sake of your cantors, there is repetition in the psalm tones (there are 14 at the moment, though that will increase slightly over time). Should any of you find a psalm tone in the collection that you'd like to use for other non-commercial purposes, you have my permission to do so freely.

    Hope some of y'all might find these useful.


    P.S. Some psalms for "larger" events might be found to have choral parts or orchestrations. I can't offer my time across the board to make those, but if you have a special event, would like choral or instrumental parts, and ask well in advance—I'll do my best to accommodate. Examples are attached (Good Friday and Chrism Mass—which happens to match OT 13 this year)
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    Lord knows we need more of this!
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