CRCCM Repertoire Project
  • Marc Cerisier
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    I'm rather happy to be able to formally announce publicly the CRCCM Repertoire Project that we've been developing over the past year and a half. Attached is the formal press release, but I'll describe it a bit myself, as I was the software developer for the project.

    This idea has been percolating over the past few years in our Steering Committee as a way to offer another resource sharing opportunity for our members, but we quickly decided to open it up publicly for all, as it could be useful outside of cathedral circles as well. Basically any CRCCM members can submit repertoire to the database, tagged in a number of ways to make searching simpler, and anyone can browse through the liturgical year to find repertoire to use. These submissions are not so much, "I like this piece," but more, "I've used this piece in my cathedral in these liturgies." Repertoire entries include both links to published works, and the opportunity for CRCCM members to share their unpublished manuscripts (which is a feature I especially like). At the moment, there are about 1,300 entries, and it's growing daily. I have a backlog of entries to make myself as I have time this summer.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, I'm happy to have them—obviously, I can't guarantee I'll add a certain feature, but I'm happy to discuss it. I've already been hearing from my colleagues that they have found pieces they didn't previously know in browsing the site—and that was exciting news for me.

    The site can be accessed as a top tab through our normal website (, or by accessing it directly at

    All the best,