antiphonary and psalter for the Divine Office (Like Burning Incense)
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    Just wanted to share with you something I've been working on. I made a partial digitization of “Like Burning Incense” (LBI), which is the name of an antiphonary for the Liturgy of the Hours created for the Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament in Michigan. I made a Github repository that contains Lauds and Vespers from LBI where each antiphon and accompanying Psalm/Canticle is completely written out for the organist, so that the organist doesn’t need to memorize the two harmonizations for all 50+ psalm tones. (Because the music for a chanted Psalm is just a single psalm-tone repeated throughout, a computer program can automate much of the creation of an organ accompaniment for each Psalm.)
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    Note to myself: the antiphonary was discussed here before, just the title "Like Burning Incense" wasn't mentioned in the thread.

    It's great to see it taking shape more friendly to modern printing (and to data processing tools).
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    As the one who originally scanned and uploaded the antiphonary to the internet, I want to say that yours is a WORTHY project. I mentioned to one of our organists that someone was digitizing the accompaniments, and she was thrilled.

    I don't know how to read the files you have in your repository, but we would love to have them as graphics or pdfs. edit: Thank you for putting the "TLDR here is a link to pdfs" on your site. Much appreciated.

    Also, once they are digitized they could be easily transposed? We play anything written in the key of E, in F instead, and similarly transpose up to C when they're in 5 sharps....

    Also, feel free if you wish (you=anyone) to host the original scanned files on your website. It's not necessary that they only exist in our Dropbox.

    Thank you for this work and God bless you!