Ascension Thurnday
  • CatholicZ09
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    What are you doing for this solemnity?

    Home parish is doing:

    Processional: Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise (LLANFAIR)
    Gloria: C. T. Andrews
    Psalm: from Alstott's Respond & Acclaim
    Alleluia: from Alstott's Respond & Acclaim
    Offertory: Crown Him with Many Crowns (DIADEMATA)
    Parts: from Schutte's Mass of My Little Christ the Savior
    Communion: One Love Released
    Recessional: Go Make of All Disciples (ELLACOMBE)


    Overall, not a bad lineup.
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  • Catholic Z09,

    I don't think I know "One Love Released". What is it?

    Did you spell Thurnday that way on purpose?

    My home parish will end up having a Low Mass for Ascension because of last-minute changes to the schedule and a rash of absences from regular rehearsals. I had hoped to sing the Gregorian Propers, Couillart's Viri Galilaei at the Offertory, and Isaac's Psallite Domino in place of the Communion antiphon chant.
  • SponsaChristi
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    I’m really hoping our MD remembers that I told him Alleluia, Sing to Jesus is an Ascension hymn. Otherwise OCP’s “Ascension” hymn section is pretty dire and sad.
  • Caleferink
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    Probably because some of us still observe it on the proper day (today, Thursday) and others of us observe it on Sunday


    St. Mary's, Tampa (so observed Sunday)

    Prelude: Arabesque, no. 15 from 24 Piéces in Style Libre (Vierne)
    Introit from English Proper Chants (Ainsele)
    Processional Hymn: A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing (Lasst Uns Erfreuen)
    Vidi Aquam: I Saw Water (Nestor)
    Gloria: Mass of Redemption (Janco)
    Responsorial Psalm: Respond & Acclaim (one of the few I actually like in there)
    Alleluia: Festival Alleluia (Chepponis)
    Offertory: The Lord Ascendeth Up on High (Praetorious) from the Oxford Book of Flexible Anthems
    Sanctus/Mysterium/Agnus: Mass of Redemption
    Communion: antiphon from English Proper Chants + Alleluia, Sing to Jesus
    Recessional: Go to the World (Sine Nomine)
    Postlude: Maestoso, no. 1 from 6 Kleine Prãludien und Intermezzi, Op. 9 (Hermann Schroeder)
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  • NihilNominisNihilNominis
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    Alt-Marienkirche, Cincinnati, OH

    Full Proper
    Missa Seraphica (except Gloria VIII, Credo III)
    Regina Caeli, A. Lotti
    O Rex Gloriae, L. Marenzio
    Alleluia, Sing to Jesus
  • Liam
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    Or, as I put it today in the Northeast USA, Ascension Thursday Sunday Thursday.
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    Ascension Thursday at noon at Walsingham -

    We had Palmer-Burgess propers and Willan, with Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silence at the communion today - Regina Caeli (English) after mass.

    There will be a pontifical high mass at six o'clock this evening.
  • trentonjconn
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    St. Aelred, Bishop GA (Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter)
    Sung Mass on Thursday Evening

    Ordinaries: Willan Missa Maria Magdalena
    Prelude: Pastorale, Peeters (#16, Sixty Short Pieces)
    Procession: Hail Thee, Festival Day
    Introit: St. Peter Gradual
    Gradual: St. Peter Gradual
    Alleluia: St. Peter Gradual
    Credo: recited (it'll be sung soon, as it should be!)
    Offertory: Palmer and Burgess, with drone
    Offertory Hymn: See the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph (In Babilone)
    Communion: St. Peter Gradual, followed by organ improv
    Recessional Hymn: Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise (Llanfair)
    Postlude: Agincourt Hymn
  • Processional: Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise
    Offertory: Sing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise
    Communion: Alleluia Sing to Jesus
    Recessional: Rejoice the Lord is King
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  • Nathan,

    Which tune did you use for "Alleluia, Sing to Jesus"?
  • We will use Hyfrdol. Our diocese celebrates on Sunday.
  • Andrew_Malton
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    St Mary, Linwood, Ontario.

    Proper from Liber.
    Mass I from Liber.
    Credo I from Liber.
    “Sicut Cervus” a2, Anon., at Offertory
    “Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise”, Wesley, LLANFAIR. at recessional

    This is all unaccompanied: there is no instrument.
  • LauraKaz
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    Will be observed on Sunday in my diocese.

    Entrance: Crown Him with Many Crowns (transposed down to C)
    Gloria: Mass of Renewal (Stephan)
    Psalm: Guimont
    Alleluia: Mode VI chant
    Offertory: Heavenly Father (an original song written by my predecessor)
    Sanctus: Mass of Renewal (Stephan)
    Mystery of Faith: We Proclaim your Death from Mass of Renewal (Stephan)
    Amen: Mass of Renewal (Stephan)
    Communion: Gift of Finest Wheat, Bread for the World
    Recessional: Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise

    Fortunately, this will be my last Sunday Mass at this parish before I leave for (hopefully) greener pastures.
  • GambaGamba
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    St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica, Toronto:

    Hymn: Hail the day that sees him rise
    Introit: Viri Galilei
    Gloria: Rheinberger, Cantus Missae
    At the offertory: Stanford, Coelos ascendit hodie
    Sanctus: Proulx Community Mass
    Agnus: VIII
    Communion Antiphon: Data est mihi
    Com Hymn: Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour
    Com Anthem: Finzi, God is gone up
    Final hymn: The head that once was crowned with thorns

    Organ: Messiaen, Prière du Christ montant vers son Père; de la Tombelle, Prélude & Fugue sur la prose de l’Ascension, Op. 23
  • DL
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    Full propers.
    Haydn, Missa Brevis in F.
    Leighton, God is ascended.
    Recessional: Hail the day that sees him rise (Llanfair).
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  • DavidOLGCDavidOLGC
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    For NO service on Sunday

    10 AM Mass

    Before Mass Vidi Aquam

    Entrance Hymn: A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing
    Jubilate Deo Kyrie
    Heritage Gloria
    Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia from Source and Summit
    Offertory Hymn: I Know That My Redeemer Lives
    Jubilate Deo Sanctus and Agnus Dei
    Communion: Organ Improvisation on Psallite Domino
    Recessional Hymn: Now Thank We All Our God
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  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    Lord, Enthroned...
    what tune did you pair with this?
    It is gloriously set to Bryn Calfaria in the English Hymnal.
    (Are the Welsh responsible for any but stirring tunes?)
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  • Bombarde16
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    For NO Mass on Sunday

    St. Peter Catholic Church, Jefferson City, MO.

    Mass parts: Mass of St. Frances Cabrini (Kevin Keil)

    Prelude: Voluntary in A Minor (John Stanley, set II, no. 2)
    Introit (before the Mass bells...): Men of Galilee (Ainslie)
    Processional: Alleluia! Sing to Jesus (Hyfrydol)
    Sprinkling Rite: I Saw Water Flowing... (Liese)
    Psalm and Alleluia: R&A
    Offertory: A Hymn of Glory Let us Sing ( Laßt Uns Erfreuen)
    Communio: Behold, I Am With You Always (Ainslie)
    Hymns: Lord, You Give the Great Commission (Abbot's Leigh)
    O Sacrament Most Holy (Fulda)
    Recessional: Hail the Day that Sees Christ Rise (Llanfair)
    Improvisation on "Ascendit Deus"

  • GambaGamba
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    Healey Willan’s “St. Osmund”.
  • rich_enough
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    Sts. Cyril and Methodius Oratory, Bridgeport, Connecticut (ICKSP)

    Prelude: - Hymnum Canamus Gloriæ - Gerald Near (b. 1942)

    Hymn: O Savior Christ, O God Most High (AGINCOURT)

    Proper Gregorian chants of the feast: Viri Galilaei

    Mass Ordinary:
    Missa Ascendens Christus - Victoria; Credo III

    Motet at the Offertory: Ascendit Deus in jubilatione - Byrd

    Motet at the Communion: Psallite Domino - Byrd

    Hymn: Sing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise (LASST UNS ERFREUEN)

    Postlude: Prelude on "Deo Gracis" - Healey Willan
  • ServiamScores
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    St. John's Goshen, IN (Sunday)

    Prelude: Soliloquy by Noel Rawesthorne
    Entrance Hymn: LLANFAIR AntiphonRenewal trope with "Hail the day that sees Him rise" as V.3
    Entrance Antiphon: Viri Galilæi (slightly simplified)
    Kyrie: Missa de Angelis
    Rest of the Ordinary: Proulx's Community Mass
    Psalm: my setting
    Gospel Acc: Festal Alleluia with choral tag:
    Offertory Hymn: Aristotle Esguerra's Offertory Antiphon trope set to my original tune, "ASCENDIT DEUS" (see attached PDF)
    Offertory Anthem: (after Hymn at 11am) Ad Te Levavi by Witt
    Credo III (my english transcription)
    Communion Antiphon: Fr. Weber (florid/option i)
    Communion Hymn: Adam Wood's Do not stand and stare in wonder paired to THAXTED
    End of Mass: Regina Cæli (Chant at the first two masses, Lotti's version by the choir at the 11am)
    Recessional: Tuba Tune in Bb
  • trentonjconn
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    That trumpet tune is lovely, Serviam.
  • ServiamScores
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    Thanks TJC! (It's good fun to play, too.)
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  • emac3183
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    Hello! First comment after learning a lot from you all. Was surprised by the great reception of PIPs, especially of the creed sung for the first time.

    Saint John the Baptist, Jordan, MN (OF):

    Antiphons from Source and Summit Missal (SSM)
    Missa de Angelis (new to us!)

    Prelude: Several Pieces from Davis' Organ Manual
    Entrance Hymn: A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing LASST UNS ERFREUEN
    Psalm: SSM
    Gospel Acc: SSM
    Offertory Hymn: All Nations, Clap Your Hands ST. THOMAS (WILLIAMS)
    ICEL Creed I (new to us!)
    Communion Hymn: Alleluia, Sing to Jesus HYFRYDOL
    Post Communion: Ascendit Deus Christopher Dalitz (just barely pulled it together in time, but went very well)
    Recessional: Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise LLANFAIR
    Postlude: Verso in G Minor Zipoli
  • TCJ
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    Hymn: Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise
    Introit: Viri Galilei
    Kyrie, etc: Missa de Angelis
    After Reading I: Alleluia from GR
    After Reading II: Alleluia II from GR
    Creed: Credo IV
    Offertory: Ascendit Deus
    Communion: Data Est Mihi
    Communion Hymn: Adoro Te Devote
    Recessional Hymn: See the Conqueror Mount in Triumph