When is an elaborate sung Confiteor used?
  • Heya

    Ive just stumbled upon this ccwatershed recording of a stunnigly beautiful confiteor, but im wondering, where and when is such an elaborate confiteor used?

    Ive usually heard it just spoken, and even one recording in live use i heard, had it as simple as music can get without being recto tono
  • They are planning on using it as part of Compline for the Sacred Music Symposium this summer. It really does strike me as odd though, and not the most appropriate choice. The Confiteor is usually sung recto tono at Compline, and is the most simple, the most penitential part of Compline. As far as I know, they are doing the rest of Compline as chant, according to the Vatican Edition. So with all due respect to the great people putting the symposium together, an elaborate Confiteor as the one polyphonic part of Compline does not seem like a good choice to me.
  • It is sung solemnly at the traditional Latin high Mass, but that would not be polyphony. {The deacon sings it there.}
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