Entrance Procession?
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    A member of the Dread LitCom, in discussing the organization of the Entrance Procession, said something to the effect that "the Vatican has made it clear that those who are not carrying anything are not to process."

    Since this is not my bailiwick, and because i am reluctant to add a parsec to the length of meetings of said committee, I didn't ask, but, huh?

    Can anyone shed light on this? has the Vaticna issued any instructions recently that mention this? (not that we are exactly slaves to Vatican directives hereabouts...)

    I like it as a way of taking a bit off the top of the ever-expanding ministry of EMHC, but it was mostly said in reference to any non-Gospel-Book-bearing lay readers.

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  • Remind them that they exist to understand the liturgy and convey their knowledge to the congregation.

    They are not to form, create or interpret liturgy.

    Once the anger abates...feign interest, and ask to see the exact document so that you might study it and consider the ramifications OR say, "ARE YOU ALL IDIOTS? Don't you understand that the GIRM and all mean nothing since the local pastor has total control and dominion over the liturgy?

    OR do something rational. I have no idea how to do so in working with LitComs.
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    I'd refer them to Msgr (now Bishop) Elliott's excellent Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite, para 248. If you only read the first line, the participants of the Entrance Procession listed are "...(thurifer), cross bearer, candle bearers, book bearer, lector or deacon (bearing the Book of the Gospels)." Considering that it doesn't mention the priest and servers, I'd suggest it's not intended as a comprehensive listing!

    The last line of that same paragraph goes on to say that during the procession, "[t]hose not carrying anything keep their hands joined." By implication the procession can have more than those listed.

    In the following paragraph it mentions that those not carrying anything should bow or genuflect while those carrying objects should only bow their heads. Again, it seems like you need not have your hands full to process. Only joined.

    Matching that up against the GIRM, para 47, which speaks of the entrance procession as "...the procession of the priest and ministers..." I don't think that anybody has written anything in stone about the participation of non-bearers.
  • The GIRM also assumes that lectors will be vested in albs and walk in the procession.

    It does seem reasonable that servers who have NO function to perform should not be vested and placed in the procession just to make the procession look more impressive. Perhaps some liturgist made THIS point, and members of the parish liturgical committee have misinterpreted it.
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    Ask them the following:

    "The celebrant (or 'presider,' or whatever) doesn't carry anything. Does this mean he can't be in the entrance procession, either?"
  • The GIRM assumption about vested lectors in procession also assumes that these are formally instituted lectors, not simply people assigned to this function.