Any plans for today in honor of Our Lady of Fatima?
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    As you know, today is the anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.

    Our parish as moved the celebration to tomorrow for a number of reasons, but the Portuguese members of our church have worked out a procession with the statue of Our Lady, and we will be singing "A Treze de Maio" and "Maria de Nazaré" during mass.

    I'm curious what your parishes have planned.

    Thanks to all.
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    Well, our ceremony went well, from procession to the songs at Mass.

    I'll check back in October!
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    I have been compiling and collecting hymns/ sacred songs to Our Lady of Fatima. The most popular of these Fatima hymns which made its way into Catholic parishes and secular circles was written and composed by Gladys Gollahon, an Irish housewife. This hymn was not featured in mainstream hymnals but was published as sheet music in the 1950s. Secular recordings during this period included: Red Foley; Richard Hayes and Kitty Kallen; the Four Lads; the Mariners, and several others. These were widely distributed on vinyl records (78, 33 and 45s), and across various radio programs. Sheet music and music boxes with this melody can still be found today on eBay.

    Here is list:
    1. Our Lady of Fatima - Gladys Gollahon, 1950 (song sheet)
    2. Hymn to Our Lady of Fatima - Sr. Maria Fabian & Fr. Robert Holzmer, S. M. (Marianist) (song sheet)
    3. Immaculate Heart of Mary (Hymn to Fatima) - Dutch Hymn, harm. Charles Repper (song sheet)
    4. In Fatima's Cove - arr. Matt Richards (Organist St. John's Church Westport, MA.)
    5. Lady of Fatima - Catherine Maguire & F. Campbell-Watson (Pius X)
    6. Lady of Light - Fr. J.J. McLarney, O.P. & Portuguese Melody - arr. J.A.R. (James Reilly) (song sheet)
    7. Hymn to the Lady of Fatima - Mother Mary Loyola, O.S.U. (manuscript)
    8. Our Lady of Fatima - Fr. Joseph Cacella & Sr. M. Florentine, P.H.J.C. (song sheet)
    9. Fatima Ave - Mother J. Sweetman, R.S.C.J & Fatima Pilgrim Tune - arr. Holy Ghost editor
    10. O Lady of Fatima - Mother J. Sweetman, R.S.C.J & Fatima Pilgrim Tune - tune & arr. Holy Ghost editor
    11. Hymn to Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima - Fr. Joseph Cacella - arr. J.A.R. (James Reilly) (song sheet)
    12. Our Lady of Fatima - Cleophas Neville (song sheet)
    13. Our Lady, Star of Fatima - Fr. Carlo Rossini (song sheet, also Cantate Omnes Hymnal #120)
    14. O Come to the Throne of Grace - Mother J. Sweetman (Parochial Hymnal)

    If anyone if interested in these PM me and I can provi
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    Thanks for the list of music.

    Just as a point, our local Portuguese parishioners were singing in Portuguese, and we have a collection of Portuguese hymns.

    The English hymns will be useful, though.