Hand arthritis
  • Magdalene
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    Does anyone have experience in warding off arthritic hand pain as an organist? I had the misfortune of a broken hand after a car accident which required surgery and I've now got permanent screws etc. Currently, I mostly just get pain the day before a storm rolls in. It's been 7 months since the accident, so things are still healing and regaining strength for sure. I want to be proactive, though, because I'm under 30, and I want to enjoy and minister to others with the gift God has given me as an organist as long as I can. If there are any tips or tricks out there, I'd love to hear them.
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    Magdalene, my wife and I are in our early 30's, and my wife had a skiing accident a few years ago that necessitated screws and a plate in her knee. After 1-2 years, she was experiencing the same weatherman symptoms as you as well as other pains, and she had to eventually have her screws removed after the bones had sufficiently healed to find relief. Not the news you wanted to hear, I'm sure, and this may not even be an option for you... but it also could be. It might be worth asking about in 8-12 months after your fully healed if they haven't already told you it's not an option. My wife's knee will never be the same, and they warned her there is a knee replacement in her future, but she has found a modicum of relief in the meantime.
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  • Magdalene
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    I was told if I had plates they would have to remove them after a few months, but luckily that was avoided. One of the screws is actually down the center of a metacarpal, so I'm not sure that's an option, and that's the one that flares up the most. I'm glad your wife got some relief from her pain. I can't imagine having that in my knees.
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    Magdalene, I'm not an organist, but I do have hand arthritis and my job requires quite a bit of typing. NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve) will help, along with the occasional steroid shot. I've also found that running hot water over my hands as I open and close them helps. Also, use helps. My hands hurt the most in the mornings when I first get up, but as I use them, the pain gets better and becomes more bearable. Hand-strengthening exercises also help.
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