"A Crown of Thorns the World Has Plaited," a hymn on the Sacred Heart
  • Grace and peace, everyone. Here's a new piece---text, tune, and harmonization mine---on the Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus. I've called the tune CORONA SPINEA; it is in

    1. A crown of thorns the world has plaited,
    Jesus Christ, around Your Heart;
    The true Messiah long-awaited
    Steadfast suffers wicked art;
    Pride and scorn
    Here are borne
    Sin by sin and thorn by thorn.

    2. That human Heart in joy was fashioned
    Daily 'neath Our Lady's own
    And sang salvation through Your Passion
    On the Holy Cross alone;
    Sweetest Friend,
    Born to spend
    Of Your music till the end!

    3. Your splendid Heart, O Lord arisen,
    Bleeding, breaking, loves us still
    And beats with Truth, that we might listen
    To Your Word and do Your Will;
    Yet what ear
    Bends to hear
    In this world of flames and fear?

    4. O Sacred Heart of Christ my treasure,
    Grant that I, a sinner born,
    May sing your mercies passing measure,
    Fearing not the crown of thorn;
    Yet I'll bring
    This poor heart to my true King!

    (c) 2023 Anna Bendiksen
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    Anna, this is a truly wonderful text. Thank you for sharing it! I also think this is probably your best tune yet.
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  • ServiamScores, wow, thank you so much!!

    (Fixed a word in the third verse)
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    Text and music both excellent!!
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  • @CHGiffen thank you very much. That means a great deal.
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  • This text is wonderful.
    The tune is good, I think it is a little clunky in places. If I were to edit this melody, I would do:
    -m1 b4 quarter note on D
    -m2 b 3 quarter note on C
    -m3 b3 2 eight notes (B-A) leading down to G
    -m4-m8 make similar alterations where melody is symmetric
    -I would remove the arpeggiation in the melody in m4. I would change m 12 to be symmetric with whatever change was made in 4
    -I would change most of the f#s to f natural
    -I would end m8 on the tonic chord
    -I would reharmonize some sections but written harmony is just a suggestion for most hymns anyway... :)

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tedmBWzexM

    (In all seriousness, I'm grateful for your thoughts, Liam. Thank you.)