Polyphony in the long march from Pentecost to Advent
  • Recommendations for polyphony from Pentecost to Advent I, exclusive?

    In May, I'm having the choir sing 2, 3 and 4pt Ave Maria settings.

    In June, I'm thinking of doing something similar for the Sacred Heart, but I don't know enough good settings: I have a setting of Unus Militum, but what else does the readership use? For the Nativity of St John the Baptist or for the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul?

    July is the month of the Precious Blood. Aside from Ave Verum Corpus what does the readership use?

    For Corpus Christi I'm thinking of a setting (there are two) of Oculi Omnium of Charles Wood.

    August is when we start to get busy again.
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    Pentecost VIII (also 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time) falls in July. The Communion for this Sunday is Gustate et videte/O taste and see. There are various settings, and my own setting is a 3-part canon, in various voicings (in both Latin and in English).

    Note, this text can also be (and often is) sung at other times.
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    If you have a choir that learns music efficiently, I've spent some time editing polyphonic Propers for Time After Pentecost, which can be found under my contributor name on cpdl. Also, I've written a set for Sacred Heart.

    Mass never quits, so neither should choir. But it's true that summer has personnel challenges, and your idea of repertoire that can be recycled over a month has merit.
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  • Jeffrey,

    It's funny you should describe it as "repertoire that can be recycled", because part of what I'm doing is not reusing repertoire nearly as frequently as has been done in the past. I'm not criticizing my predecessor when I say that, but merely pointing out that the way to assimilate more repertoire is to assimilate more repertoire. One reason I'm anywhere near as skilled a musician as I am is that I had to learn lots and lots of music when I was younger.

    When we get to Advent, I'm trying to have lined up rehearsal time so we can learn 3 different settings of Conditor alme siderum, and a new kind of Christmas Eve pre-Mass program.

  • Tom,

    In the binders I inherited, we already have de la Rue's O Salutaris Hostia, but your edition is much easier to read. Thank you for reminding me of it.

    About the Farrant, I know the original Lord, for thy Tender Mercies' sake. Do you know how it came to have a contrafactum (if that's the right word)? I'm fond of the original, but at a TLM I wouldn't use it, except possibly as a prelude or processional piece I guess, and I encountered the Latin version in December (it was sung at the Rorate Mass at the Cathedral in another diocese). I'm not sure if I think of the Latin edition as a sort of My Little Pony Gloria in reverse?

    I have become a fan of Isaac, partly because of how closely connected his music is to the chant.

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    A choir member asked for us to learn the Farrant, I do not know when and whom added the Latin text.
  • August has St. Philomena, the Assumption and our Patronal Feast, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    I have a setting (SSA) of Diffusa est Gratia for St Philomena. Still thinking of other options for polyphony for all of those.
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  • For the Precious Blood:
    O Bone Jesu (Marco Antonio Ingegneri)
  • also for the Precious Blood - Ave Verum Corpus -
    CPDL has a long list of compositions, in all kinds of arrangements.
    happy hunting!!
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    oh i forgot.... we also sing the Cherion "Anima Christi"