Gregorian Antiphons- Feast of St. Therese
  • Does anyone know where I can find the gregorian antiphons in the oco for the feast of therese

    B: Advocans Iesu parvulum, statuit eum in medio eorum et dixit: Nisi efficiamini sicut parvuli, non intranbitis in regnum caelorum.
    M: Gaudete, quia nomina vestra scripta sunt in caelis, dicit Dominus

    I dont see them on gregobase.
  • Sister,

    I have a Carmelite book here, which might contain them.
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  • joerg
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    They are on p. 905 of the OCO.pdf
    Here's the gabc-code for these pieces:
    (c3)Ad(e)vo(e)cans(h) Ie(g)sus(h) pár(i)vu(j)lum,(i) \greheightstar(,) stá(jk)tu(j)it(i) e(j)um(i) (,) in(h) mé(hg)di(f)o(g) e(h)ó(if)rum(g) et(f) di(e)xit:(e) (:) Ni(fe)si(d) ef(f)fi(hg)ci(f)á(h!i!jv)mi(i)ni(i) si(ij)cut(hf) pár(h)vu(h)li,(g) (,) non(g) in(h)trá(ij)bi(i)tis(h) in(h) re(hf)gnum(g) cæ(f)ló(e)rum.(e) (::) E(i) u(i) o(j) u(i) a(h) e.(gf) (::)
    (c3)Gau(h)dé(hg)te,(e) \greheightstar(,) qui(e)a(e) nó(f)mi(e)na(d) ve(ef)stra(f) (,) scrip(h)ta(hg) sunt(f) in(e) cæ(f)lis,(ed) di(ef)cit(f) Dó(e)mi(de)nus.(e) (::) E(h) u(h) o(f) u(h) a(i) e.(h) (::)