Dextera Domini
  • henry
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    Anybody know where I can find Dextera Domini by Cesar Franck or Lasso? Called two music dealers, said Franck is out of print. Lasso had to be ordered. Can these be downloaded so I can see them? Thanks.
  • Chris
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    The Franck may also be found at:
  • Heath
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    I put the Lassus into Lilypond and downloaded it to CPDL the other day. It should (hopefully) be up in a few days. I know, about 2 weeks too late.
  • henry
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    Thanks everybody. Mark P., what is that symbol after "Werk"? It looks like a backward B, and don't know how to create it from keyboard.
  • Mark P.
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    I don't know what that symbol is. I merely copy and pasted the link and it worked fine.
  • priorstf
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    Henry: The symbol is the ampersand or "and" sign, an upper case 7 (&). It just looks like the backwards B in the font being used here.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    I found this post sometime ago when I was looking for the score to Cesar Franck's Dextera Domini since I was running into the same problem. It is available for purchase, but the cost is prohibitive since you must buy 20 copies at a time @ $7 a piece.

    There's good news, however. I found the complete score last night when I was going through, the website for the Association Sacra Musica in Belgium.

    The score with accompaniment is available for free download here:

    The Association has a large number of polyphonic music available for download with mp3's of the different vocal parts. This is an amazing resource!
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    Wow! Thanks! Verlag sent me one free copy with "do not copy" written on every page! Lol! The organist uses that copy, the choir and I use cpdl. We had to make a few adjustments but it worked well. I'm happy for this resource!
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Happy to help out! One question: do you sing the whole ten pages? I heard it sung as the Offertory at a Latin Mass once, and the choir only sang up to measure 48 (the opening theme). It modulates after that and gets a little hairy so it seems like a good place to take a break.

  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Am resurrecting this old thread @ Cesar Franck's Dextera Domini. I just made the connection (duh!) that this is the Offertory for the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany. I thought it was an Easter text because of the Alleluias.

    So I just realized we could have sung this yesterday or during the Epiphany season, although I think we'll stop at measure 48 since it is quite lengthy.

    At any rate, it's available with accompaniment here if anyone else is interested:

    I heard this first on this video from a TLM at St. Nicholas du Chardonnet. (It starts at 1:39) They sing measures 1-48 and skip to measure 123 to the end.
  • canadashcanadash
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    Sorry I never answered your question above. Yes, we do sing all the pages for Easter Vigil but I would not sing all of it for a Sunday in Ordinary Time. We sing the NO Mass.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    That must be quite splendid! I really love the ending Alleluias.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    in re: the video...

    I can't help but notice:

    such participation
    so active
    very conscious

  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Very acute observation, Adam! This 7-part video series illustrates, in my opinion, the quintessential paradigm for the EF Missa Cantata. It was filmed at St. Nicholas du Chardonnet in Paris, which is actually an SSPX church, but the French traddies, I believe, could show the entire Church a thing or two about authentic liturgy.

    I've showed this video to many people, and their reaction is always stunned amazement.

    Here's Part I with Fr. Christian Bouchacourt celebrating. I must have watched this 100 times at least.

  • mrcoppermrcopper
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    This video is so incredibly wonderful. Thank you thank you. Like the daguerrotypes of 150 years ago.
  • Resurrecting this again. Is there a straightforward sab or saa arrangement in English? If someone can supply such a score, that would be much preferable to the cut and hack job I will likely inflict upon my choir in order for us to resurrect this gem after fifteen year hiatus. I will be willing to pay for effort if someone would like to notate and use English as in Sowerby edition. PM if interested in pursuing this project to my relatively simple stipulations of English and SAA or SAB. Yes, we can sing in Latin. No, we cannot sing it in Latin at principal Easter Day Eucharist.