Holy Thursday- Gregorian Mass
  • Opinions on which gregorian Mass to use for Holy Thursday?
    -Fons Bonitatis
    -In Dominicis Quadragesimae + Ambrosian Gloria
    -Feria Lent + Ambroisan Gloria
    -de Angelis
  • kevinfkevinf
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    In Dominicis Quadragesimae + Ambrosian Gloria. Maybe Gloria de Angelis also instead of the Ambrosian Gloria.
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  • tomjaw
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    Mass IV & Credo I... From Officium et Missa ultimi tridui Majoris Hebdomadae, Desclee 1923.
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  • ServiamScores
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    Sister, might I gingerly suggest a slightly more specific thread title? "Holy Thursday" is rather broad and likely to show up in a lot of searches when the actual scope of your question was rather narrow.
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  • @kevinf thats interesting I would have never considered that mass. That might be nice.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    One can also treat it as the congregation's dress rehearsal for the Sunday Gloria.
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