Anglican Chant - Roots, Historical Performance, and Liturgical Applications
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    60-minute live, online lecture with Q and A by Dr. Horst Buchholz.

    Anglican Chant - Roots, Historical Performance, and Liturgical Applications
    The historic development from Fauxbourdon to Anglican chant and practical options in the Roman Rite.

    The musical form of chant has extraordinary ability to breathe life into a sung text. Since each language has its own distinctive characteristics, a challenge naturally arises: How does one fit the text of one language to a chant tone or melody that was developed for use in another language? More to our purpose: How does one align texts in English (a language with far more single syllable words than Latin, lacking consistency in word accents, and exhibiting sizable range in sentence length) to chant tones and melodies which were composed for use with Latin texts?

    We will trace the historical treatment of this problem, from the development of fauxbourdon (a harmonized form of chant) into today’s Anglican chant. An analysis of the workings of Anglican chant will ensue, followed by practical applications: how to fit an English text to an Anglican chant setting, and special considerations for accompaniment and conducting of the chant. We will also touch briefly on other tones which are better adapted to the English language than their Latin counterparts.

    Lecture will conclude with a Q and A session and an abundance of digital materials for further study.

    Saturday, April 22, 2023
    10:00 am, USA Central Time Zone (GMT-5)

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