Easter Vigil anthems for 3 vv.
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    There's another thread on Holy week polyphony, but here's one with a narrower focus. Having no sopranos so far express willingness to stay up Saturday night, I find myself making an ATB plan for this year's multilingual Vigil:

    Jeffries: Praise the Lord, O my soul (B & bc)
    Protege me, Dio mio (tone vi) (maybe chant-sur-le-livre)
    Cantemus Domino ???
    Te ensalzaré Señor (Californian tone)
    Justitiae Domini ???
    My beloved hath a vineyard (American Gradual)
    Sicut cervus (maybe Pelham Humfrey's Like as the hart with 4-part full sections MTBr + bc; or maybe better Ockeghem for 2vv)

    Dextera Domini (Feroci TTB)
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    Californian tone?
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    In this thread. Perhaps I should repost last year's SATB order:
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    Here's Ps. 19 to Haydn for TrTrB (fortunately I can sing the bass an octave lower, TTB).

    If I could find enough good LM paraphrases, this job would be as simple as choosing my favorite 7 Dufay hymns ;-)