Breviary propers for Saint Pope Gregory the First,?
  • Hey all.
    Im currently writing texts for a Novena, which the Schola is meant to pray for new members to join the Schola. Ive designed three variants with the same structure but dedicated to a different saint.
    One to Saint Caecilia for the women
    One to Saint Gregory for the Men
    One to Saint John the Baptist for the Youth and younger ones (he is simultaneously the older Patron of singers, and the Patron of our youth group)

    The structure is
    One of the 3 Cantate Psalms, with an Antiphon about one of the Saints, followed by an Oration. The three Orations being similar and diverging in the details about the corresponding Saint.

    Long story short:
    Im lacking an Antiphon for Pope Saint Gregory the first.
    So i was hoping, one of you might know some regional propers of a church or diocese that has him as a Patron, and thus a more elaborate set of propers of the divine office for him. If possible, with Chant notation but i could see to a common melody to be applied to plain text aswell.

    Alternatively if one knows a good Antiphon from the normal breviary in connection to singing, thatll serve aswell.
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    Antiphons for the feast of St. Gregory the Great from all kinds of medieval traditions:
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    If you wanted something local, Hamburg seems to have once had its proper breviary which is available online, the formulary of St. Gregory beginning here (feast title at the very end of the page).

    Maybe the Magnificat antiphon (f. CLXIIIv) O Gregori dulcissimum?
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