Psalm Tone Cheat Sheet
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    I'm looking for a Psalm Tone cheat sheet to pass out to people new to changing the psalms. Like a single page pdf. Everything I see online is for the extraordinary form. But I'm looking for one that incorporates the changes made for the new Antiphonale II.
  • Avscvlta,

    Did you mean "chanting" the psalms? Changing (since this is a musical forum) usually goes with bell tower bells, doesn't it?
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    Is what you are looking for?
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    I found a good cheat sheet for the ordinary form! It is on page ix of the 1981 Psalterium Monasticum. I've scanned it so I can print it double-sided on card stock and cut in half for my group. If anyone wants it I posted it on the bottom of our website. Interesting to see the many changes made to the extraordinary form version posted above!
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  • Unless I'm missing something that's only the first half of the Psalm tones. I wasn't aware that the psalm tones changed in the Ordinary Form. The link posted by ServiamScores/smt should still be a better one to link to as it has the full tones.
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    These are developments of Solesmes' chant research. It would be misleading to speak of "OF psalm tones" and "EF psalm tones", as plenty of OF music resources still use the psalm tone set of Editio Vaticana - either because they were created before the arrival of Psalterium monasticum (e.g. the Graduale simplex), or the authors didn't have access to the new books, or they didn't like the new Solesmes psalm tone system.
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  • There are also the archaics which are often forgotten about and the lovely peregrinus.
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    I turned the peregrinus into a lovely alleluia that we sing during lent and at funerals and it’s one of my favorites that we do all year.
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    alleluia that we sing during lent

    Are you sure about that?
  • @ServiamScores
    That is very beautiful, and the tonus peregrinus is one of my favorites (especially in Sunday Vespers), but alleluia is not sung during Lent or funerals (at least according to the rubrics of 1962 and earlier, I can't quite keep track of all the changes later on). In the traditional Graduale, it seems that Alleluia is omitted on almost all penitential day (vigils, ember-days, ect) although there might be some debate over what is and is not a penitential day.
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    I meant Advent (facepalm) lol
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    I think the updated link that ServiamScores shared is now as follows:
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  • Yes the psalm tone cheat sheet from the 1981 Psalterium Monasticum only includes the first half of the psalm tone. At first I thought this was impractical. But then I remembered that the second half of the psalm tone is always notated after the antiphon. So I actually prefer if the cheat sheet only has the first half... that's all you really need!