This Saturday, March 25: Saint Ambrose of Milan - His Life, the Liturgy, and the Chant
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    An introduction to the life and legacy of this Italian saint, combined with an overview of the Milanese Rite, and multiple samples of Ambrosian chant.

    60-minute live, online lecture with Q and A, by Dr. Horst Buchholz
    Saturday, March 25, 2023
    10:00 am, USA Central Time Zone (GMT-5)

    A spiritual giant in the Catholic Church, Saint Ambrose is credited with writing such timeless hymns as the Te Deum and Veni, Creator Spiritus. He also introduced many significant alterations to the Liturgy in Milan during his reign as bishop in the late fourth century. His enduring influence through countless generations has contributed to the survival of the ancient Milanese Rite into the present day.

    This lecture will highlight unique characteristics of the Milanese Liturgy, and bring insight to the distinctive nature of Ambrosian chant. While these chants seem overshadowed by Gregorian chant, the Ambrosian repertory remains untouched by the many revisions and codifications which were imposed over history upon the Gregorian repertory, mainly because the Ambrosian Rite was so geographically limited. In spite of its ancient origins, and its adherence to a modal system which predates the traditional eight modes, Ambrosian chant exhibits a musical form freer of strict rules and systems, and includes melismas which surpass even the most complex of Gregorian chants.

    Several samples of Ambrosian chant will be examined, as well as some liturgically appropriate ways to incorporate this distinctive form of chant into the Roman Rite liturgy. A Q and A session will follow, and students will receive a number of PDFs for further study.

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