Worship II Organ Accompaniment
  • I recently ordered the accompaniment for Worship II but made the mistake of ordering the guitar and not the organ. I looked on the GIA website but didn’t see an organ version. Is the one marked ‘Choir/Accompaniment’ the same as the organ or are they just not selling the organ version? Anyway, if someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.
  • The choir edition is the same as the organ edition—but hardback instead of coil bound.
  • So the choir edition has accompaniment for EVERY hymn or does it just have it for certain choir conducive hymns. For example, does it have accompaniment for chant hymns? Some choir editions of hymnals I’ve seen don’t have this.
  • Well, by virtue of the choir and organ editions being exactly the same—only differing in binding and cover material, yes—it includes every hymn accompaniment. The title page even lists both choir and organ options as they are the same…
  • Its just that there is no organ accompaniment that I could find being sold anywhere.
  • Frankly, it’s shocking that GIA still sells what it does. The organ edition hasn’t been sold in ages, but—like I said—they’re the same, so it doesn’t matter. I’ve never had any problem using the hardback version.
  • I noticed that my parish (where I go occasionally to practice the organ) has the hardback version, I believe that theirs is so old though, that it lies flat when open now.