Sarum Matins Latin - - - complete in 7 volumes!
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    Dear friends: at long last I am pleased to announce the print publication of Sarum Matins Latin in 7 volumes (total 3300 pages!). The Temporale is 3 vols, dividing at Septuagesima and Trinity; The Psalter and Common of Saints is one volume; the Sanctorale is 3 vols, dividing at July 1 and September 1. Normally two volumes are required to sing any particular office: the Psalter, and one volume of the Temporale or Sanctorale. The office of Matins normally takes between 1 and 1.5 hours to sing, depending on the day; Lauds, which is intended to follow directly, is typically 30-40 minutes.
    (Of course, at this time of year, Tenebrae is something of particular interest, it is provided in full here, and with pointing for the special tone for the Lamentation readings.)
    The publication of Sarum Matins completes the entire Sarum Office in Latin, which comprises 14 volumes. (total 6200 pages!) It is quite extraordinary to see the sheer size of the the full office: the image below also includes the 3 volumes of the Sarum Gradual. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this work in so many ways.
    Of course, we are most grateful for any purchases of these books. All of the proceeds are returned to further this project. The link for purchasing books is here.
    We especially encourage those of you who are able, to request of your institutional libraries to purchase these books for reference. We remain committed to making all of our research freely available on line as well . . .
    And, this project is not over!! We intend to continue with the production of the complete Sarum Office in English, a project already well underway. In addition, we plan to make the Sarum Processional available in book form.
    Blessings to all, and thanks for your support and encouragement. William Renwick
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  • Whose English will be used for this vast undertaking?

    A welcome and once-in-a-century accomplishment.

    Many thanks!
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    The volumes that you see here are the original Latin. However, Compline is now available in English translation in two versions: 'BCP' follows the style and texts of the BCP and KJV; D-R follows the style and texts of the Douay-Rheims bible and allied RC sources. The use of two different English translations reflects the two complementary strains of liturgical development that characterized the liturgical renaissance of the last two centuries in Britain and her colonies, Anglican and RC.
    I hope to be able to bring out the rest of the English versions in book form in the next few years--Deo volente! As of now, on-line versions of the English translations are available--of the Temporale, Psalter, and the December through February of the Sanctorale; more to come!. WR
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    I was originally inspired by Sandhofe's edition, Nocturnale Romanum, but I had no idea how huge--and rich--the full medieval liturgy was!
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