Missa de Angelis Gloria
  • Can anyone send me the accompaniment to the Missa de Angelis Gloria from Achille P. Bragers Low Key accompaniment to the Vatican Kyriale? This would be pages 43 and 44 from the book. I have a copy but it is getting too blurry from being photocopied over and over again. I would just like a pdf scan so I can print fresh.
  • That is the high key version. I am looking for the low key version which seems to be part of the Campion Hymnal Organ Accompaniment.
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    JPO: I am attaching the two pages from the low-key Kyriale you requested.

    This may interest you. On ebay right now both the low- and high-key versions of Bragers' Kyriale are available for sale at very reasonable prices. Do a search for Kyriale, and you will find several options.

    2514 x 3413 - 1M
    2466 x 3425 - 2M
  • Thank you very much, oldhymns. I will definitely check out the eBay options you mentioned.
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    print friendly pdf