Simple Music for a Small Altar Dedication
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    Hello once again, all!

    I am in the wonderful position of having to plan music for the Dedication of a High Altar. Due to the nature of those horrible things happening in the US and around the world when it comes to anything that remotely looks or smells of Tradition, this dedication Mass is going to be rather small and private...

    We are dedicating our high altar after it has been restored (so, Ad Orientem!!!), but because of what is going on, our Bishop wants to keep things quite. At the Mass will be the Bishop, the parish clergy, myself, and my schola. I will be relocating the Schola down to the front pews so we aren't a mile away from that liturgical action. (I'm working on getting a continuo instrument, but it may be all acapella anyway...).

    The dedication is on the Saturday before Palm Sunday... so no A*******a's can be sung.

    I'm looking for simple 3 part music (SAB or ATB), in Latin or English to use with my schola. Otherwise we will use a mix of propers from the GR as well as some vernacular propers from Fr. Kelly, Fr. Weber, etc...

    Thoughts for repertoire, ordinary (Chant or polyphonic) etc.?
  • I have a setting of Locus Iste (TTBB) if that's any help.
  • wow Chris, would love that Locus iste to!
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    Yes! If you could send it to me, I would be very grateful!