Peter Canticle for Vespers
  • Hi, I have been looking for a setting of the Sunday canticle for Lent. I have found one by Richard Proulx that I like but am not able to find the organ accompaniment anywhere. On, it says that it is in RitualSong (2nd ed.) #135, Worship (3rd ed.) #95, and Worship (4th ed.) #130. Can anyone email me this accompaniment at:
    Also, if you have alternative settings that are good I am open to other options.
    John Paul Orenchuk
  • John Paul,

    Organ accompaniment for a Lent canticle?
  • The way we do Vespers during Lent only uses accompaniment for Canticle and Opening Hymn with all the rest being sung a capella. Also, on Sundays sometimes a light accompaniment for psalms. Nothing but silence at the end and also more spoken parts.
  • If you have a good medium difficulty chant that is unaccompanied of the canticle 1 Peter 2:21-24 that would be fine as well.