Suggestions for communal Way of the Cross
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    Not exactly music related, but I am looking for some new Stations of the Cross that can be used during Lent for a parish devotion. Our parish tradition has been to use a modified version of the Liguori Stations (sans Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be at each station). However, while I like them, they can be a bit repititive in terms of the imagery/themes used. So I am looking for some alternative meditations to use on some Fridays.

    They should be relatively short (since its for communal use), and ideally one part for the leader, with a prayer that can be recited communally for each station.
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  • There is a great purple-covered way of the cross book that came out a few years ago and has about 14 different versions in it. It is excellent and would provide ample fodder for you.

    My main advice is that if you append one verse of the stabat Mater per station, just give a single pitch and jump right in. It’s so painful when organists try to give it an introduction every. single. time! Takes forever and it isn’t necessary.
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  • The Way of the Cross by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira:
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  • Madorganist,

    That looks interesting, worthy of my time, but I would rather have a downloaded version so I don't have to look at a screen, but hold a book. That doesn't appear possible. What did I miss?
  • (There would undoubtedly be plenty of people happy to follow along in a phone, I have no doubt.)
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    I have published a version and will post a sample later today
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    Seviam, does the Stabat Mater really need an organ intro? In my parish, at least, there are enough people who know the tune that we sing it a capella between stations.
  • Serviam,

    I have a flip phone.
  • Bhc—no! That’s precisely my point! Give them a pitch and launch right in.

    I’ll play the last phrase the very first time only. After that, I just launch right in. But there are people who try and play the last phrase every time and it’s maddening.
  • I would rather have a downloaded version so I don't have to look at a screen, but hold a book. That doesn't appear possible.
    Hmm. I see both html versions and booklet that opens in issuu, but without a way to download the latter. You could print the web page as a PDF.
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    You could download the Kindle epub version (free) and convert that to pdf (free).
    Google "epub to pdf" for the latter.
  • Having a Kindle is helpful for that, no doubt, Hawkins.
    Not having one keeps me where I need to be.
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    Here is the stations booklet I put together a couple of years ago. If you send me the number of copies you request I can give you a quote. PM me.
  • Very nice, Francis.
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