Online Gregorian Chant Academy
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    I found this online Gregorian chant academy that I am considering enrolling in. Thought I'd pass it along in case anyone else might also be interested. It appears to be a very recent initiative by the guy who is offering the course, and the course seems comprehensive, dense, and convenient at a reasonable cost. I like that it wouldn't involve travel and can be completed at my own pace.

    He has an impressive bio:

    He says he's now able to support his family providing chant instruction full-time, so it seems to be going well for him.
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  • I am very skeptical. Something that requires four years of study at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music simply cannot be covered in a few months. He does not demonstrate the Solesmes style accurately in some of his videos, and he appears to neglect mensuralism and the medieval theorists altogether as unworthy of consideration—but of course so do the semiologists. They're sitting on their brains. Cardine, Agustoni, and Göschl are certainly worth reading, but so are Mocquereau, Vollaerts, Murray, Van Biezen, Floros, and many others. Spend your time and money elsewhere. I recommend Murray as the best starting point for serious study of the sources.
  • This seems like a very worthy course! Thank you.