Looking for a Holy week polyphony and chant booklet from England
  • veromaryveromary
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    Asking for a friend.
    He remembers seeing a scanned copy of a book of polyphony and chant for holy week linked here on the forum.
    The book was from circa 1956-1965.
    It was from Westminster cathedral or the bishop's conference in England.
    We're typing up a benedictus from the book, but we don't have the original scan anymore and need to fix up what might be transcription worries. Chant verses alternate with satb verses. Similarly there's a Pange Lingua, alternative chant and polyphony.
    Yes, I've tried searching.
    Does it ring a bell for anyone?
  • Is this the one by Sir Richard Terry?
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  • rich_enough
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    Seems like it. Music for Holy Week by R. R. Terry, revised for the 1955 Holy Week. You can download the pdf at the link.

    I see a Benedictus like the one you describe on the last 3 pages. There's also a Pange Lingua alternating chant and polyphony I've used myself on pages 14-15.