Text: "By Forty Days' and Nights' Temptation"
  • Grace and peace, everyone!

    I wrote this Lenten text for the stately and somber tune NEUMARK. See what you think.


    1. By forty days' and nights' temptation
    Fasting in lonely wilderness,
    Thou, Jesus, Manna of salvation,
    Strengthened Thy soul to feed and bless;
    May we be free from Satan's snare
    Ever in fasting and in prayer.

    2. How could the Christ be born so lowly?
    How could a rock give water sweet?
    Thirsting, we drink from fountain holy,
    Hungering for Thy life, we eat
    That we might live by ev'ry word
    That cometh from Thy mouth, O Lord.

    3. As with mankind in Thee forgiven,
    Thy fingerprints were drawn on high;
    Thy precious life was sent from Heaven
    Sinners to heal and sanctify---
    Jesus, Messiah, Thee we laud,
    Savior, Redeemer, Word, and God.

    4. What use are earthly fame and glory?
    Power and gold, what end they serve?
    All these shall fade before the story
    Of our Creator's boundless love;
    May we adore the Holy One
    And worship Him, our God, alone.

    5. Thus, as the angels came to serve Thee
    When Thy temptation, Christ, was done,
    May we, Thy children learn to love Thee
    Till with the saints, the battle won,
    We may adore our Great High Priest
    At the eternal wedding feast.

    (c) 2023 Anna Bendiksen